10 great reasons to get an Audible membership if you have a chronic illness.

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An Audible membership is a great way to get into the habit of regularly listening to audiobooks.  Listening to audiobooks may be an activity you will be keen to try if you loved reading before you got chronically ill and find now you can’t read for pleasure much or at all.  Here are 10 reasons you might want to sign up to Audible.

1. There are a vast range of titles and genres so you are pretty much guaranteed to find something you feel like listening to.

2. When you are chronically ill you probably need to rest a lot or are stuck in bed or on the couch sometimes and need plenty of sources of distraction and entertainment.

3. With a chronic illness there will be times when you don’t feel well and aren’t up to physically reading a book.  You might have symptoms like brain fog, light sensitivity, weak or achy arms.

4. With a new credit to look forward to each month you can enjoy deciding which audiobook you will choose with it.  Listen to samples of different audiobooks and add the ones you like to your wish-list.  You can even think to ask friends and family for suggestions of titles they have enjoyed reading recently.

5. When you have an Audible membership you can buy other audiobooks at 30% off the non-member price which is a great option for times when you listen to more than one book in the month.

6. Having a chronic illness can mean money is tight.  One month of Audible membership is about the price of going to the movies but many more hours of entertainment just from one book and you don’t have to leave the house to make use of.

7. There are member sales several times a year with big discounts on some titles.  It is fun to browse the lists of sale titles and discover something new or see that one of your wish-list titles is on sale.

8. Audible is a good alternative to paying for extra cable channels or more than one streaming service like Netflix, especially if you can’t handle much screen time due to symptoms of your chronic illness.

9. An Audible membership is something you will use and enjoy when you are chronically ill that you can ask for as a gift for Christmas or your birthday.

10. You can listen to each audiobook again and again because the title stays in your Audible account even if you don’t have an active monthly membership.  This is great if the first time listening you fell asleep or had trouble concentrating.

I am sure there are so many more reasons, I’d love you to comment below with ones I’ve missed.  You could even share some audiobook titles you have enjoyed.

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