10 situations when Podcasts are handy when you are chronically ill

Moody atmosphere, blonde haired woman lays on the couch bathed in dappled sunlight.  She is wearing a sheer material blouse and has one hand resing beside her cheek.  There is a window behind the couch and a vase of flowers infront resting on a book

Living with a chronic illness can mean your life looks pretty different to that of many healthy people you know. Here are some of the occasions when you might find podcasts really make a difference to your day and help it be just that bit more enjoyable.

1. When you are confined to your house/bed/couch and have hours and hours to fill.

2. When you need a low energy shared activity with a friend or family member (spouse/partner/sibling/child). Podcasts can provide something not health related to talk about and look forward to listening to the next episode together.

3. At times you need distraction from your symptoms.

4. Instead of screen time so you can rest your eyes.

5. When you can’t sleep.  Click here for 6 Podcast tips for when you are having trouble sleeping

6. While you are waiting for medication like pain killers to start working.

7. For a good source of background noise or company.

8. On long car trips or flights to pass the time and distract you from your symptoms and discomfort of sitting in one spot/being in noisy environments/not being able to lay down.

9. While doing tasks that are not enjoyable or that you don’t feel motivated to do.

10. To give yourself a break from feelings like anxiety, loneliness, worries, boredom.

I’d love your feedback about how you use podcasts and suggestions to add to the list of other times you find listening to podcasts helps brighten your day.

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