My YouTube channel with Gentle Yoga videos

Hello Possums

I have a new YouTube channel with 6 yoga videos.

I challenged myself to record a video every Thursday which I have done 5 weeks in a row.  This week I did two – one is a 10 min pep talk about how you can use mindful movement through your day to increase your circulation if you are spending a lot of time resting or working.

I am missing teaching the couple of gentle classes each week so recording these videos is keeping me moving and thinking about yoga.

Some of my students are watching too which is lovely and my brother has been doing some every day which is one of the things I am most excited about.  He lives interstate so has only got to come to one of my classes- In February actually- one of the last weeks I was teaching.

I would love if you had a look, like and subscribe if you enjoy and got in touch with any feedback or ideas for future videos.

Lots of love