6 Podcast tips for when you are having trouble sleeping.

Moody atmosphere, a long haired golden retriever dog lays sleeping on a humans bed. The bed has a pillow and a tartan printed bedcover.

Falling asleep can be hard for most people, let alone when you have a chronic illness.  There are many symptoms like pain that make it hard to sleep when you are unwell.  There may be some nights where you lie there for hours tossing and turning.  You have probably tried all the sleep hygiene strategies, meditation, breathing exercises, and counting sheep.  Something you may not have tried yet is listening to podcasts.

Here are some ideas that can help create a positive experience listening to podcasts at night.

1. Have a plan for what you will listen to when you are trying to get to sleep so it is easy to pop on something you will enjoy.  You could make a special playlist to work through.

2. Try turning the volume right down so it is just loud enough to hear then as you get more sleepy you should drift off easily.

3. Make use of the sleep function on your podcast app so that it will stop playing after the time you choose.  You can always set it again if you aren’t sleepy yet.

4. If  you need to use earphones, try in just one ear if you sleep on your side.  You can get pillow speakers and soft headbands with speakers inside soft enough that you can lie comfortably on your side.

5. Use a night setting on your device.  Apple has the Night Shift option in settings.  Android may need a dedicated app.  This type of setting turns down the brightness and the blue part of the color spectrum so your body clock won’t be disrupted by looking at the screen in the dark when you need to interact with the podcast player.

6. It is important to choose podcasts that are relaxing and will help you get sleepy at night, not ones that get you thinking.  Check out the podcast titled “Sleep with me”. Described as “The Podcast That Puts You To Sleep | A Lulling, Droning, Boring Bedtime Story to Distract Your Racing Mind” From http://www.sleepwithmepodcast.com

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Do you have a favorite podcast for when you can’t get to sleep? Or a life hack that you use when listening to podcasts in bed?   Another one I like to listen to at night is Garrison Keillor’s News from Lake Wobegon monologues

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