Audible audiobook tips, plus get any 2 audiobooks free.

Audiobooks can be a game changer when you are chronically ill.  You can find yourself with endless hours to fill where you feel too unwell to do much apart from lie in bed or on the couch.  Much of this time might be spent on your own and I’m sure at least some of that time you need distraction.  The TV and internet are good distractions some of the time.  Other times just being able to listen can be exactly what you need.

Having an Audible membership means every month you get to choose a new audiobook title to add to your collection (which you get to keep forever, even if you cancel your membership).  This means you will always have access to something new to listen to.

You can choose if you have an Australian or US membership (or whichever Audible store your country offers).  The price is fairly similar between countries but the selection of books can vary a little so it is a good idea to do some searching of titles you want and make sure the site you choose has what you want. Some titles are not available in some regions of the world.

Audible Membership is about $15 charged monthly and allows you choose one book a month and reduces all the other audiobook prices by 30%.  If you want to get more than one book that month consider not using a credit for books that cost less than the monthly amount and buy that title upfront.  Then use your credits for the most expensive title. *Note links are affiliate.

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