All about Australian Streaming Services for TV/Movies/Sport/Documentaries

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With broadband internet today there are endless options to watch things online.  You may spend hours on YouTube, or already have Netflix but keep reading and you might find something you have missed or details that convince you to sign up to one of these options.  Most services have their own apps and special offers when you first sign up.  Below is an overview of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Foxtel Now, Stan, BigPond Movies, and Google Play.

Amazon Prime Video

Right now, if you sign up for a Prime Video monthly subscription  you will receive a limited time introductory price of 2.99 per month for the first six months of the membership. The Prime Video membership automatically renews at 5.99 per month starting in the seventh month of the Prime Video subscription. (If you want to sign up, please go via this link and sign up within 24 hours of clicking and help me earn a small commission.)

You can turn off Auto-Renew from your Account & Settings to stop the recurring charge for your plan, and end your membership or free trial.
To turn off Auto-Renew on the Prime Video website:
1. Go to Account & Settings.
2. Look for the Your Membership section.
3. Select End Membership and confirm.
Once you turn off Auto-Renew, the renewal date for your membership becomes the end date. You can continue to access Prime Video up until this date.

What is available on Amazon Prime?
Documentary Movies
Anime TV & Movies
Bollywood Movies

Amazon Original Series such as American Gods (except USA), Fleabag (except UK), The Grand Tour (Top Gear 2.0), Transparent, Mozart in The Jungle, I love Dick (Kevin Bacon), Bosch (LA Detective series), The Man in the High Castle (American dystopian alternative history based on the novel by Philip K. Dick)

Netflix Australia

All plans offer unlimited TV shows and movies, on as many devices as you want. This means you can sign into your account on any device, for example your smartphone, iPad, computer, smart TV, friends TV when you are at their house.
1 screen: $9.99/month
Watch on 1 screen at a time in Standard Definition. Download videos on 1 phone or tablet.
2 screens: $11.99/month
Watch on 2 screens at a time. HD available. Download videos on 2 phones or tablets.
4 screens: $17.99/month
Watch on 4 screens at a time. HD and Ultra HD available. Download videos on 4 phones or tablets.

Foxtel Now

Access a great library of TV series and movies anytime on your devices. Live TV Stream live sport, news, and the world’s biggest new shows from around Australia.  Live TV is streaming of what is shown live on Foxtel cable.

Sign up for a 2 week free trial which includes access to all packs. At the end of the trial period, you will only be charged for the packs you have chosen. Cancel anytime.  During the two week trial you could focus on watching the shows you are interested in seeing that are in any packs you don’t intend to get.  You can change packs in the future too.

Starter pack options are
Pop $15
Drama $15
Lifestyle $10
Docos $10
Kids $10
Get Pop + Drama packs for $25/month

You need a starter pack to access Premium packs
Movie pack $20
Sport pack $29


Sign up and try out Stan free of charge for 30 days. Once your sign up is complete, you will get UNLIMITED access to every movie and TV show on

Stan Basic
$10 a month
• Stream in SD only
• Watch on 1 screen at a time
• Download videos on 1 phone or tablet

Stan Standard
$12 a month
• Stream in HD
• Watch on 3 screens at a time
• Download videos on 3 phones or tablets

Stan Premium
$15 a month
• Stream in HD and 4K Ultra HD
• Watch on 4 screens at a time
• Download videos on 5 phones or tablets

To register a new device, simply log in and play a video using that device.

Big Pond Movies

BigPond Movies is an online, movie rental and purchase service. There are no sign-up fees, no monthly charges and you don’t have to enter your credit card details until you choose to rent or buy your first movie (excluding R18+ titles).  You can also choose to link your BigPond Movies account to your Telstra Bill.

On BigPond Movies you can rent or buy or stream the latest movies to stream that won’t be available on the other services until approximately 5-6 months later.

Anyone in Australia can rent or buy from BigPond Movies and compatible devices can be used with any Australian Internet Service Provider.

BigPond has TV series for sale where you can buy a whole series including shows from Foxtel, or an episode for approx $2.99.

BigPond Movies Registration Offer
BigPond Movies credit of $6.99 valid for 1 month after registering as a new customer before 31 December 2017. Not compatible with any other BigPond Movies offer.

When you buy a movie, you can stream this title as often as you like using your BigPond Movies account for as long as BigPond has the right to make the title available to you.

The devices that you can watch BigPond Movies on are: Telstra TV™, Telstra T-Box, supported Smart TV’s, PC, Mac and Android Devices.

You are required to log into BigPond Movies using your Telstra ID.  You can then use your credit across all of these devices as long as you log in with the same account.

If you don’t have a Telstra ID, you can set one up at Once you’ve registered, you’ll be taken through some steps to get your account set up.

BigPond do not have the rights to SELL content on iOS devices. You can buy or rent on our website or any other supported devices excluding iOS and they will be available to watch in your library within your iOS apps.

For more on this, see the FAQs in your BigPond Movies settings or visit

Google Playstore.

Rent and buy Movies and TV shows by logging in with your Google Account and watch on Android devices or web browser.  Add devices to your account.  To help prevent accidental or unauthorized purchases, use password protection on your device.

GooglePlay giftcards are for sale at Coles, Woolworths, Kmart, 7 eleven, JBHiFi, Australia Post, Toys R Us, Officeworks, Foodworks, GameTraders, Caltex, Co-Op bookshops.
Giftcards can be used at the Google Play store for apps, games, newstand items, and books as well TV and Movies.
Keep giftcards in mind when you are asked would like you want for a gift.


Buy Movies, episodes, and whole series of TV shows by logging in with your Apple ID and watch on your iPad, iPhone, Apple tv, Mac, or PC.


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