Chick Lit Authors with plenty of Audiobooks to try when you are stuck in bed.

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Audiobooks make my life with a chronic illness more enjoyable.

There are times when the symptoms of my chronic illness are bad and I really appreciate knowing what sort of style a book will have when I start it.  This is when I turn to an audiobook by one of the authors in the list below.  I find it reassuring knowing that I will probably enjoy it and that it doesn’t matter to me how much I remember of the plot or if I forget the characters names.

Something that I like about these authors books is most of them aren’t set in an office in New York or about glamorous parties, infidelity, or being a parent.  Though of course some of these themes do crop up.

Liane Moriarty is an Australian author of 7 novels, mostly set in Sydney.
Monica McInerney is an Australian born- Dublin based author of 11 novels mostly set in Australia and Ireland.
Fiona McCallum, another Australian author with 9 novels, mostly set in Australia
Katie Fforde is a British author with about 25 novels mostly set in the UK
Jodi Picoult is an American author with about 25 novels mostly set in the US.

I turn to audiobooks by these authors when I don’t want to worry about remembering details or being able to discuss the plot with anyone.  When you are chronically ill it can be hard to concentrate and remember details.  For me, listening to these authors books is about going along for the ride like you do with a lot of TV shows and movies.

Often the purpose of listening to audiobooks is to make my day more enjoyable and to distract myself from the symptoms of my chronic illness when I can’t do much else.  With authors like these I don’t mind if I miss bits because I am daydreaming, distracted doing a chore, or scrolling Instagram.  There are other authors I have a more vested interest in savoring their one or two audiobooks and I keep these to listen when I can give them my full attention.

Pick some authors and audiobook titles to have at the ready for when you just want to pass the time without worrying about taking it all in.

My local library gives members free access to the Borrowbox app which has multiple audiobooks by a number of authors I mentioned above.

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