Connecting with the Natural World eBook

Shifting your perspective to be more and more aware of all the elements of nature around you in your everyday life is incredibly powerful.

At the moment, there are things going on in world that are scary and out of our control. At times when you get stuck in your thoughts and emotions you can turn to nature and see that it keeps going along like normal even amid a global pandemic.

While we need to behave differently and stay close to home for awhile many things are still the same in the natural world and within our home and local area. During this time you will find plenty of inspiration in the book. Many of the ideas are simply things you can enjoy at home. Then in future months more will be possible outside of your home, plan ahead, have things in nature to look forward to.

This book is a mix of small and bigger ideas to inspire you to make good use of nature and the natural world to ground yourself, and to help you feel more calm and centred. To develop habits and routines where you use your senses and nature to ground yourself in the present moment. I have ME/CFS and there are so many others living with chronic illness, many so ill they are housebound. I wanted to include many ideas that can be done at home without needing much energy.

Most ideas are free but some might cost money such as traveling somewhere or buying something. Think about adding those to a birthday present or Christmas list. You could ask via Facebook if anyone you know has the item gathering dust you could borrow/buy/have. You can also try a buy/swap/sell or For Free Facebook group to seek a comfy chair for your yard for example.