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A woman lays under a light blue fluffy blanket on a large grey sofa. Only her hand and feet are visible. There are two brown doors behind the sofa and a lamp with a white cone shaped shade. There are white cushions with a leaf pattern on the sofaWhen you are living with a chronic illness you will probably have times where you are housebound/couchbound/bedbound and need activities that don’t take much energy to entertain and distract you. I am sure whether you have CFS or Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma or Arthritis, Lupus or Lyme, Depression or Diabetes you will find some useful ideas.

Keep reading and you are bound to find some technology based ideas that will make your life with a chronic illness more enjoyable.

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Do you know what resources your local library offers?

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All about Australian Streaming Services for TV/Movies/Sport/Documentaries.

9 Tips to create a fun Movie night at home.

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    1. Hi Robyn,
      That is terrific to hear, glad I could offer some helpful ideas. I hope you get the chance to continue exploring the site and find more ideas along the way.
      Claire 🙂

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