Ever thought to ask for an Audible membership as a gift?

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Are you sometimes disappointed with gifts you receive?  Perhaps people aren’t sure what to get you when they know you have a chronic illness and can’t do all the things you used to do.  Maybe you always get things like PJ’s, DVDs, or gift cards for stores you can’t order from online.
How about ask for an Audible gift membership for your next birthday or Christmas or both?

I always have an audio-book on the go and can’t wait till my next Audible credit becomes available.  You can even get a gift membership if you already have an Audible membership.

Getting a gift membership on top of your current membership means you will get a bulk lot of credits straight away and can choose 3, 6, or 12 books whenever you feel like depending which gift you receive.

Your current membership keeps going as normal and you get charged on your next bill date.  You receive all the gift credits straight away which is pretty cool. So 3 credits if you were gifted a 3 month membership, 6 credits for a 6 month, and 12 credits for a 12 month membership.

Gift credits will expire six months after the gift membership ends. So even if you get all your credits at once, your gift membership credits will still last for the length of the gift membership plus six months.  You can even be given multiple gift memberships, receiving all the credits for additional memberships at the time the gift is redeemed.

If you can’t wait to get an Audible membership as a gift you can go straight to Audible and sign up for your own free trial and two free audio-books of your choice.  You can cancel before the trial ends and keep the books without any hassles.

I hope you have found this article helpful.  The Audible links on this page will earn me a small commission if you purchase within 24 hours of clicking.  I don’t think the gift membership earns me commission.

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