Free eBooks and eAudiobooks from your local library.

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I remember borrowing audiobooks on cassette tape from the library when I was a kid.  It is such a change now to be able to log in from home and download new books straight to my device whenever I want.  I also love not having to remember to return books by the due date- the borrowed items just expire.  When you have a chronic illness you often want something to entertain and distract yourself without having to leave the house.

I really do hope your public library provides members free loan of eBooks and eAudiobooks too.

The publisher your library has will depend what country you live in.  The two companies that are commonly used by libraries in Australia are Bolinda (app called Borrowbox) and Overdrive.  With both you download the App  from your App store and enter a library card number and the pin that goes with your card.

Most audio playing apps including these two allow you to alter the playback speed faster or slower.  Slower can be good if the narrator is fast and you feel like your brain isn’t keeping up.  Faster can be handy if the narrator is slow or if the book is really long and you want to get through it quicker.

Each library service buys digital copies of books through these companies so the titles will vary.  It may be good to join other libraries when you travel to be able to log in using your membership number and pin and access a different range of books.  Plan a time you might pop into a library branch when you are near one belonging to a different network of libraries if you want more choice.

New to eBooks and devices?  Your library may have free help with using eBooks on your tablet where you can take your own device and learn how to access e-resources from your library.  Or you might have a helpful family member/neighbor/friends teenager who would be more than happy to help explain how it works and get you setup.

Follow this link if you want to read more on eAudiobooks and eBooks.

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