Get Instagram inbox and post sharing on your computer

You can enjoy Instagram features that are not available in the standard browser view with only a few clicks.  This includes sharing posts and sending and receiving direct messages.  Technically you can post but there are no editing tools or option for carousel posts.  Still, play around with a photo to see.  The toggle for square or rectangle crop is there.

No downloads of apps or logins to other sites required.   The method is built into Chrome and is made available for website developers to see what the website they are building looks like on all different devices and in mobile views.


  1. Download and open Chrome browser.  I’d love to hear if you try it on a Mac.
  2. Open the page
  3. Press Ctrl+shift+i (at the same time). Or on a mac “Option + Command + I”
  4. Check that the small picture of a tablet and phone is blue
  5. Refresh the page
  6. Close the “inspect” view taking up the right side of your screen using the x highlighted below.
  7. Below shows the regular Instagram navigation options that are at the bottom of the screen now
  8. You can view saved posts via your grid view but only by order of saved not in the folders you may have made.
  9. You can play with the % toggle to alter the size of Instagram on your screen.  The Responsive tab show different devices and phones which can change the way the Instagram page looks like on your screen.

Please let me know if you try it!! Or if you have any issues or if you have any tips to add.

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