Keep in touch with a group of friends via email

This page is still a work in progress 🙂
I have been trying to rebuild my habit of being good at keeping in touch with friends and I want to count you in this too.
Closing down my yoga classes I decided to keep in touch with each group via email and in the first email I included some prompts to encourage students to reply with something I could share with the group.  Two of my classes have 10 or so regular students and for many class each week is one of the things they really look forward to.
I then used the list of prompts to setup the same idea with nearly 20 regular attendees at the Local Creative Group I setup.
Then I thought hey maybe my group of friends from college at University would like to have the same, either reply all or sending me something to combine into a group email.

Maybe you want to play along too, if you send me some words I can add it to my next chroniclifehacks email.  There are about 80 subscribers, so it would be lovely if you have something to share with them either something happy or something hard.  Many are probably feeling a bit lost at see with emotion, already being isolated due to illness and now so many others are experiencing a kind of isolation and daily disappointments.  Others are finding opportunity to do things they enjoy which is lovely to read about too.

Write about anything ?.
Ideas and Inspiration for your reply (you can send me other things to add to this list)
-little stories about something that has happened in your week, could be as simple as something amusing your pet did or how they give you some sense of comfort,
-what creative things have you done? Something crafty or arty? Or something in the kitchen, or a creative solution to a problem or challenge.
-something kind or thoughtful you have done for someone or someone has done for you or you have heard about.
-how are you coping? any good coping tips and tricks?
-send some photos and I can share them as a pdf collage.
-what’s been hard?
-what different things have you planned because you will be at home more?
-random things you would talk about at creative group if we could meet up
-TV/Book/Movie recommendations
-something happy you have done or experienced the last few weeks.
I will share your replies over a few weeks, combining similar topics in one email so your full reply to the group might be broken up into sections to share.
When you reply to me, feel free to have two parts to your email if you want to just share some things with me, then the bit for the group.  I look forward to hearing from you 🙂