ME/CFS Awareness Day

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There is no denying by those that understand it that ME/CFS is a beast of an illness. But sadly it is largely misunderstood condition by many who don't understand it. "I get tired too", "are you sure you aren't just lazy", "all those symptoms can't be a real illness" , "maybe it's depression?", "you'd feel better if you exercised". Historically ME/CFS has been ignored by governments. And awareness raising and advocacy was left to rest mostly on the shoulders of patients and their supporters.⁣ Things are slowly improving, and there are some incredible individuals and organisations working tirelessly to make ME/CFS visible and better understood both in wider society and in biomedical research fields. [Text from second image] ⁣ I am one of the #MillionsMissing. ⁣ My name is Claire.⁣ I have had ME/CFS since 1993 when I was only 13.⁣ ⁣ Everyday since, symptoms, discomfort, and fatigue.⁣ ⁣ I am considered one of the lucky ones as so many are confined to their bed, in a quiet, darkened room for relentless years. We need this horror to be a distant memory. More Awareness. More Funding. ⁣ More Research. More Treatment. ⁣ More Compassion. More Belief.⁣ ⁣ We are the #MillionsMissing. Missing from society. Missing from our greatest hopes and dreams.⁣] ⁣ Please share and also visit @openmedf @millionsmissing and @meactmet⁣ Lots of love and energy to you all, I hope your body and mind are kind to you today 💛Claire xoxox⁣ My account tries to focus on building A Warmhearted Life when living with illness or other difficult circumstances. I share about using strategies including doing #SomeNotNone, doing things #ForFutureMe, and approaching your day from a place of #GentleProductivity. ⁣ I also have a new YouTube channel with gentle yoga including chair yoga and more chronic illness related things coming this week.⁣

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