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A brown wooden picnic table with a black mobile phone with black earbuds plugged into it and a cup and saucer of black coffee. There is sunlight and shadows on the table.Welcome to the world of podcasts. Podcasts are becoming more popular but there are still so many people who haven’t fully figured them out yet.  Visit these pages to learn more about how podcasts might make your life more enjoyable whether you have ME/CFS, MS, Lyme, POTS, Depression, Diabetes, Arthritis, or one of the myriad of other chronic illnesses.

6 podcast tips for when you are having trouble sleeping

10 Situations when Podcasts are handy when you are chronically ill

7 Chronic Illness themed Podcasts to check out.

Listened to Serial season 1 and 2? Which podcast with a cult following to try next?

Four gripping radio plays/ serial drama podcasts

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