Some cheery things in covid-19 times

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It is Autumn in Australia at the moment so some mild sunny days and others that call for hunkering down by the fire. Accompanied by pups, cups of tea, podcasts, notebooks, piles of books, or stretching on the mat. Short gentle walks and time pottering in the veggie garden. I wanted to share again the book club group I started on Facebook, link in bio if you would like to come and see what I am reading and get some books to add to your list, lots of sharing happening. I share the goodreads links to the titles that get shared. I finished reading my stack of library books and am enjoying reading quite a random selection of books from op-shops and Rotary Club secondhand book sales. I have shared some of the audiobooks i've listened to on the book club page and will get a photo of the random books to share their too. I have now recorded and posted 3 yoga videos on YouTube. I am really touched to get messages from different people who have actually got around to doing one of more of the videos. Some of my students from my yoga classes have been doing them. My brother in another city has done one of more of the videos each day since I posted the first one. He came to my class in February when he was visiting and hadn't done yoga before. The chair yoga one has been appreciated by some of my lovely instagram followers who have chronic illness and messaged saying how it has gone for them. Link in bio to videos. I have been enjoying jigsaw puzzles some weeks too, I had found some in an opshop in February. Finding ways to make gentle steps to counter all the heavy and hard things we are all coping with. Would love to hear how you are going. Say hi or share about something brightening your days 💛💛💛 Lots of love and energy to you all, I hope your body and mind are kind to you today 💛Claire xoxox #AwarmHeartedLife #SomeNotNone #WhereTheTiredGirlsAre #MillionsMissing #ChronicIllnessCommunity #ChronicIllnessLife #ChronicallyIll #SpoonieTips #SpoonieLife #mecfs #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #myalgicencephalomyelitis #GentleProductivity #spoonieyogatips #gentleyoga #ChairYoga #AccessibleYoga #yogaforall #mentalhealth #ChronicallyFabulous #ChronicallyAwesome

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