Connecting with the Natural World free eBook

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Hello Possums,

I have been working on this book on an off for quite awhile and covid-19 spurred me to finish it and get it out in the world and to make it free.

Observing nature is so grounding and brings me back to the present dozens of times each day.  Nature doesn’t care that I can’t do all the things I’d like to manage, it still shows me things that bring a smile to my face, or a silly grin, or a sense of awe, or a feeling of being part of something so much bigger than myself and my worries.

I am sure it is the same for so many of you, and dear friends, I am grateful that we are part of this big crazy world that is full of beauty and amazing things that bring some respite from all the parts of life that are really hard and uncomfortable.  Noticing the natural world can be as simple as watching the clouds pass out the window or lying in bed learning to identify different bird songs.

The book is laid out in a way that is really accessible if you have a chronic illness and don’t have much energy to focus or read.  Look at the index and click the page you want to read and it will jump down to the page.  Each chapter page has a link to return to the top as well.  So many of the ideas are things you can do at home, even if you are fairly housebound.



My YouTube channel with Gentle Yoga videos

Hello Possums

I have a new YouTube channel with 6 yoga videos.

I challenged myself to record a video every Thursday which I have done 5 weeks in a row.  This week I did two – one is a 10 min pep talk about how you can use mindful movement through your day to increase your circulation if you are spending a lot of time resting or working.

I am missing teaching the couple of gentle classes each week so recording these videos is keeping me moving and thinking about yoga.

Some of my students are watching too which is lovely and my brother has been doing some every day which is one of the things I am most excited about.  He lives interstate so has only got to come to one of my classes- In February actually- one of the last weeks I was teaching.

I would love if you had a look, like and subscribe if you enjoy and got in touch with any feedback or ideas for future videos.

Lots of love


Launch of my Get Creative book

Unlock Time and Energy so you can fit Creative Activities into Your Life (whatever your life looks like….)

Get Creative Book content overview.

We all have limited free time and energy for a myriad of reasons. I hope that this book will help you boost the creative parts of your life whatever challenging circumstances you face. By following ideas in this guide I know you will get a sense of satisfaction, progress, and achievement towards some of your creative goals.

I am really excited to share the ways that make it more possible for me to work on creative activities when it is hard just getting the everyday things done each day. When creative interests are at risk of losing any sense of priority and the materials gathering dust or getting buried under clothes or paperwork. My life is much more enjoyable when I can be creative and I am sure yours will be too.

Just getting started with many creative activities can feel overwhelming or out of reach. You keep thinking about doing them and never get much further. You may feel that if you start working on something you need to be able to get it finished in a timely way or it doesn’t seem worth starting.

This book can help you develop a clear plan of what creative things you want to do and to prepare everything so you will be able to start straight away when moments of time, energy, or capacity appear.

This book guides you through developing strategies to help you successfully make good use of your small windows of energy and capacity for creative activities, hobbies, or other goals. click here to continue reading about what topics are inside the Get Creative book.


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Listened to Serial Season 1 & 2. Which podcast with a cult following to try next?

Podcasts help fill a lot of hours for me when I am stuck in bed resting or recovering.  I heard about Serial when it was first released with episode one  on This American Life.  I loved hearing people talk about it as it started growing in popularity and then developing a cult following.  The following podcasts have been big in 2017 with fans of Serial (including me!).

S-townJohn despises his Alabama town and decides to do something about it. He asks a reporter to investigate the son of a wealthy family who’s allegedly been bragging that he got away with murder. But then someone else ends up dead, sparking a nasty feud, a hunt for hidden treasure, and an unearthing of the mysteries of one man’s life.”

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How to fit enjoyable activities into your day when you have a chronic illness

There are 168 hours each and every week. When you are chronically ill this can alternate between seeming like forever and not nearly enough time. When you aren’t well tasks can take longer to get done, especially when much of the time you may be stuck in bed or on the couch biding your time till there is a window of lesser symptoms. It can be easier to make time to get non-negotiable tasks done or tasks for someone else buy much harder to devote time to less urgent personal things.  Life with a chronic illness is so much better when you can include activities you enjoy so life is more than the “tasks of daily living”, TV, and the internet.

I came up with the idea of “Quarter to Me” which involves finding small windows in our 168 hour week to prioritise doing some enjoyable activities.  The simple act of using quarter hour blocks for doing something meaningful to you allows you to spend time doing activities that otherwise wouldn’t happen.

The following steps will help guide you through incorporating “Quarter to Me” into your life. Continue reading

9 Tips to create a chronic illness friendly movie night at home

Do you miss going to the cinema?  It can be really frustrating when you have symptoms like fatigue and pain and don’t handle all the sensory stimulation of the movie theatre.  Going out to the cinema can be a long and tiring outing.  There is the car ride, the walk to the cinema, the ques for the tickets and candy bar, and lots of ads and trailers.  It is also expensive and when you are chronically ill you might be watching your spending.  You also have to deal with the weather when you leave your house, extreme heat or cold some days.

Instead of feeling disheartened that you can’t get to the cinema try re-creating the experience at home.  Enjoy the process of planning and organising, make it something to look forward to. Continue reading