Your Pace App

The Chronic Life Hacks Your Pace app coming soon to the Google Play Store.

The first organisational app specifically designed to help you Plan, Pace, and Track your activities so you can improve your life with chronic illness one day at a time.

Set goals for the day
or use the app to record your days achievements and fill out a reflection about how the day went.

Rate your day when you wake up then plan what tasks to set.
or rate your day when you go to bed and assess how your day went.

Use the calendar to enter up coming commitments to help plan and pace and follow through.

Build habits. For example: Choose 5 activities or tasks you want to complete each day and record your progress. Mark each one complete as you go or before bed each night. See your habits grow. Feel a sense of achievement.

Feel like days go by and you don’t achieve anything? Record small things everyday. For example: Posted some kind comments on Instagram. Had a shower. Reheated a simple tasty dinner I cooked and froze previously.

Optional features you can use
-Give tasks an energy rating.
-Give your day an energy budget to work within.
-Make as many custom tasks either with a star symbol or choose from 500+ symbols.

We made this app for you to use your way and can’t wait to hear what features you like to use best.

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